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We have a nation! 
05:46pm 08/05/2003
mood: excited
I have created a country for us, "The Holy Empire of Gutterflowers." Go here to see it: http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi/target=display_nation/nation=gutterflowers . We're currently having a Trout farmer's revolt, but other than that... the currency is the kilt, and the national animal is the oliver (and olivers romp freely through our lush forests too!)
Toodles, Kaylin
Favour to ask.... 
09:35pm 18/04/2003
mood: bored
Cameos open for my cookie. Need lots of people, although I'm not sure just how many yet. Anyone interested? Leave a comment or IM me or whatever.

Glitta xx
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01:10pm 21/03/2003
mood: tickled!
Hi all

Hmm...nice idea, a community for the Order! We rock...ohhh yesss!

Anyway, I think this is a good idea. Yes.

Nowt else to say, so I'll go.

Glitta xxx
I am here :D 
04:25pm 20/03/2003
mood: amused
A community solely for the Order, huh...It seems SHALLOW has message boards upon message boards.

But no matter, the more SHALLOW the better.

Jess (Roadblock Malloy)
Begin your Gutterminded thoughts.... 
02:05am 20/03/2003
mood: cheerful
Hey alls! Welcome to the Order of SHALLOW. Please make sure your drool buckets don't have holes and your drool towels are clean.

Posting and membership is restricted to Order members only. Please understand that if you are not an order member and I find you have joined, you will be removed immediatly. Nothing personal.

Have fun!

Order of SHALLOW, Keeper of Oliver's Socks, pro-peanutbutter, kilts and cheesecake.